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The privacy of our visitors matters. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit ...

The privacy of our visitors matters. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit the Spitfire Site, and how we safeguard your information.

3rd party policy

We never sell your personal information to any third party.

User accounts

Valid user account will be required for valid account for posting at our online accounts. Valid email address will be required to confirm your registration. This email address may be used by the forum system to notify you about relevant events such as receiving replies to your own posts, or for important messages from the forum administrator.

We may also from time to time, email you with special announcements concerning site events or upgrades. These will not be in the form of marketing emails (as in trying to sell you something).

Users commenting the blog posts and articles at this site will be inquired if they want to login with a Google account. Commenting features are provided by Blogger, a Google subsidiary. No registration is mandatory. Users may create an account with Google for their own convenience, but should be advised that these accounts are handled (obviously) by a 3rd party.

Log Files

As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files. The information in the log files include your IP (internet protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider), the browser you used to visit our site (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), the time you visited our site and which pages you visited during your visit.

The information in logs is used primarily for anonymous usage statistics. However, in suspected cases of abuse, the webmaster may use logs of individual visits to track the IP address of the offending user.

IP addresses, by themselves, do not tell us your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information. However, once you have created an account with the site the IP address may be linked to your account.


To a limited extent, we use cookies to save useful information. For example, this feature may be used to enable our site to “remember” your login credentials during repeated visits.

Cookies in advertisements

We also use third party advertisements to support our site. Some of the advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web beacons when they advertise on our site, which will also send these advertisers (such as Google through the Google AdSense program) information including your IP address, your ISP, the browser you used to visit our site, and in some cases, whether you have Flash installed. This is generally used for ad targeting purposes (showing UK-related ads to someone in the UK, for example).

Preventing cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information which are being stored on your own computer. If you are concerned about their use, you can chose to disable cookies in your browser settings. However, doing this may affect how you are able to interact with our site as well as other websites, including the inability to login to services such as forums or accounts.

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