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As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I’m refreshing my skills in the computer drawing area with the aim of creating some useful ...

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I’m refreshing my skills in the computer drawing area with the aim of creating some useful camouflage profiles.

This time, as opposed to my preliminary sketches which I made in January, I have started with establishing an accurate line drawing of the Spitfire in profile. Creating a detailed technical drawing will provide a solid foundation which should pay itself off later as multiple colour profiles can be created based on the same outline.

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Working up my drawing from a number of existing scale drawings of the Spitfire and comparing any uncertain points with photographs has been a time-consuming experience. While there are many reasonably accurate drawings of this aircraft in various publications, there are differences between them which quickly become apparent when the drawings are laid on top of one another.
Most notably, the relationship between fuselage datum line and engine thrust line seems to create problems to draughtsman together with the outline of the nose (a never-ending point of controversy in the modelling world). Another point which catched my attention was the thickness (height) of the rear fuselage just in front of the fin – some drawings would have it notably thinner than others. Also, some detail structures such as canopy and windscreen, the underwing radiators and the carburettor intake tend to be interpreted rather liberally by the authors.

Compared with my previous sketches I have also enhanced the detail resolution, now including also rivet lines and with better rendition of cowling fasteners and other minute detail.

So here it is, by no means ready but reasonably complete – the profile drawing of an early production Spitfire Mk. IX.

An interesting question is how to proceed from this point. I could jump directly to creating colour profiles, adding shading and highlights and then adding the camouflage and markings. Or I could stay with the line drawings for a little longer and create a full 4-view of this mark, including the top and bottom views. What would you like to see published on this site? Advice needed.

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By Anonymous  |  2010-02-19 at 02:59  |  permalink

I have exact dimensions for the dorsal member. Anything that would help?

PM NateW

By ferret_64  |  2010-07-06 at 11:17  |  permalink

Are you going to publish this in print form or as an electronic document? This is incredible!
If so, count me in as a customer.

By Peter Woods  |  2012-05-10 at 18:38  |  permalink

Looks beautifull to me. I would love a drawing of this Mk V. Not quite sure about the Spinner though.

Regards Pete.

By Peter Woods  |  2012-05-14 at 17:59  |  permalink

Sorry! I should have said Mk IX


By Peter Woods  |  2012-05-14 at 18:00  |  permalink

Which means that the spinner is fine.


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