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Click on the image to enlarge The tiny brooch models of aircraft, made from pre-decimal pennies, were commonly seen as gifts hand-crafted by RAF ...

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The tiny brooch models of aircraft, made from pre-decimal pennies, were commonly seen as gifts hand-crafted by RAF ground crews for their girlfriends, wives or mothers during World War II. The Spitfire was an obvious choice of shape for this jewellery.

This sample has been photographed at Cosford Air Museum.
[Martin Waligorski]

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By Betty smith  |  2010-09-05 at 14:51  |  permalink

Are these penny spitfires available for purchase anywhere?

By Phil  |  2010-09-22 at 15:42  |  permalink

Hi Betty,

They are really easy to make and require no special tools.( elbow grease and patience mainly ;))
If there is any interest I could make a guide.

By Kate  |  2010-11-23 at 11:35  |  permalink

Hi Phil,

I would love to see a guide to making these if it wouldn’t be too much trouble. I have loads of elbow grease, pennies and patience but no idea where to start.

It would be much appreciated!


By Samantha  |  2010-12-19 at 06:55  |  permalink


I would LOVE to get a guide as to how to make one of these pennies in to a badge. My grandfather made them, and my mother thinks she has lost it. Broken her heart. I would love to make another one for her. Wont be the same but might mend her heart a little.

This would be so greatly appreciated if you could please send it to me.

Do you know anyone that sells the pennies as well?

By Bill  |  2013-02-13 at 21:52  |  permalink

Hello Betty,
Just `bumped` into this site and I am curious to know if you ever got your penny Spitfire.
I must have made 60 or more of them since the war. Sold a couple on ebay some years ago but gave them away mainly to relatives or friends.
They do take a long time to make as maybe you have found out the hardway.Hope you did manage to make one.
Im getting on a bit now. If I tell you I was in AirCrew and a rear gunner during the war that will give my age away !! Young at heart though. The reason I got on this site is because I have thought of making them again.” Times are hard”
Might make a few pennies!! Will close in case there is no one the other end and I also may run out of space
All the besr
Will be nice to hear from you if you get this.

By Editor  |  2010-09-13 at 15:58  |  permalink


Try eBay. Actually, I have made a search there and discovered one which is on sale right now:

By Chris  |  2010-11-20 at 03:14  |  permalink

I have a spitfire brooch made by my father in 1941.. But I would never sell it . It is priceless. My wife wore it to my fathers funeral as my mother passed away seven years befor him..

By nigel sims  |  2011-08-21 at 20:49  |  permalink

in shoreham aircraft museum there is a mounted series of the coin, coin cut and spitfire.

By nigel sims  |  2011-08-22 at 08:27  |  permalink

or this:

By Will  |  2013-03-24 at 14:09  |  permalink

Hi, I am interested in making penny Spitfire broaches as part of a fundraising project. ‘Operation Spitfire’ which aims to restore the Spitfire in Hanley Museum. Has anyone produced a guide on making them?

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