“I am quite proud of my Spitfire, and fly it regularly”

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These are the few pictures of my new RC Spitfire Mk. VIII. I am quite proud of my spitfire and fly it regularly. The ...

These are the few pictures of my new RC Spitfire Mk. VIII. I am quite proud of my spitfire and fly it regularly.

The RAF took delivery of this Mk. VIII in June 1944. It was quickly tropicalized in England and shipped to Bombay, India in July 1944. Assigned to No.17 Squadron, based at China Bay and Vavyuina, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) It flew many combat missions against the Japanese until June 1945 and often flew as a fighter escort for 28 Squadron, a dive bomber unit equipped with Hawker Hurricanes.

The model is built from Brian Taylors plan and has 83″ (210 cm) wing span. It is powered by a Laser150 turning a 16 by 8 prop. It has air retracts for the main wheels and servo operated retracting tail wheel. It also has working flaps.

The maiden flight on 4th July 2002 went well, but the second flight on 27th was a disaster. At 100ft the spinner came loose which pulled the engine out and took the lower cowl with it . The plane went into a spiral dive, but somehow with 10ft to spare I got the wings level which limited the damage to a broken wing. It has had 9 flights the last was at Castle Howard last Summer.

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By Matt  |  2010-05-12 at 07:14  |  permalink

Magnificent Colin!

Want one just like it for my Australian Spitty Mk VIII


By colin  |  2011-01-15 at 17:34  |  permalink

Thanks Matt, Didnt fly it at all last year due to a flying site problem. Hope to get airborn this year when weather picks up. Colin

By Colin  |  2012-11-14 at 08:46  |  permalink

We have a new site not far from the old one so I am looking forward to better weather in 2013 to get her in the air again. I am changing the engine at the moment. I am converting from 25cc glow to 50cc petrol. The glow engine had a big lump of lead above it to get the CG right, now that lead will be raw horse power……about 5HP. I have found a german company where I can get a 20×10 four blade prop in spitfire colours ,wont that look great. Might even add a smoke tank to simulate being hit and streaming smoke trails. I have started another one from the same plan hope to buld it lighter ,no retracting tail wheel, so maybe 30cc would do. Still looking for a colour scheme maybe silver or blue.

By Colin  |  2012-11-23 at 20:20  |  permalink

I have just finished adding a working scale exhaust to the new engine, looking forward to firing it up and seeing smoke blowing from the exhaust stacks. Dont know yet if it will balance up right for flying as the exhaust is quite heavy.

By Colin  |  2013-01-02 at 19:02  |  permalink

http://youtu.be/C5mO-oP7nNg Video of the exhaust blowing smoke

By Tom Hyjt  |  2018-11-02 at 01:25  |  permalink

Nice job on your spitfire. I am trying to paint my model just like this. Can you tell me the exact paint you used and their identification numbers? Thank you.


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