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Painting After priming the model with a coat of grey base paint, the yellow leading edges were painted and masked off. I used Polly ...
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After priming the model with a coat of grey base paint, the yellow leading edges were painted and masked off. I used Polly Scale Reefer Yellow. It is a railway colour but it nevertheless has excellent opacity. Otherwise yellow is a pain to paint, have you ever tried using Gunze yellow? It never covers…

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Inn the next step the entire model received a coat of Ocean Grey. I used Agama paint this time with some Xtracrylix white added to lighten it up a bit.

The camouflage pattern was then masked and painted. Some day I’d have to try some other method because all this masking is boring and tedious and it isn’t especially exact either. Paint demarcations on the Spitfire XII were sharp so freehand airbrushing isn’t a good option.

Applying the coat of Dark Green was a matter of minutes of airbrushing and de-masking…

I didn’t like the rather green shade of Sky code letters from the decal sheet. Besides, it would be hard to match the colour of the fuselage band and the spinner. Therefore I cut a mask for the lettering from tape, using a scan of the decal sheet as a template and cutting with a sharp scalpel blade and a steel ruler. The letter B looks a bit awkward but some minor touch-up with a brush will make it look as good as the decals!

The decals were added in one evening session. They were really nice; thin and pliable especially when using very hot water (I have come to the conclusion that using water from the tea pot can overcome the stiffest and most unwilling decals).


I have always been a bit of a coward when it comes to weathering but I decided to be a little braver with this one! I started out using the airbrush with clear tinted with a drop of grey to even out the finish a bit. Then I proceeded with Tamiya Smoke roughly along the panel lines. And when I had been painting for an hour or so (It is dangerously fun!) and realised that the model probably lost a bit too much contrast, it was time to stop. A bit of touch-up of the green areas using Agama paint heavily thinned with Tamiya thinner and the grey lightened a bit using dry pastels made the weathering stage complete.


So here it is, an almost out-of-the-box Xtrakit Spitfire. The only added parts at the later stage were the undercarriage doors coming from an old Eduard set of etched parts. It was an enjoyable build of this unique Spitfire variant that can be recommended to anyone!

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By patrick graham  |  2013-07-15 at 18:46  |  permalink

nicely done… just one query. My Dad flew a MK12 (shot down over France), and said that it had a five bladed prop. Not sure why that was not also an option following a change. Some pictures I have seen show both variations.

Keep the Spitfires flying!

🙂 PG.

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