Lifelike Spitfire Model in a Cornish Back Garden

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Aviation nut Barry Wallond from Cornwall has so far built two 1/1 scale Spitfire replicas - alone.

[Image: Google Earth]

If your hobby is modelling, wouldn’t a lifelike 1/1 scale replica of your favourite aircraft be an ultimate expression of your interest? James May of BBC made a well-publicised TV show along this idea, but he really wasn’t the first to embark on such an undertaking.

Aviation nut Barry Wallond from Cornwall has so far built two 1/1 scale Spitfire replicas – alone. One of the “models” is being displayed in his garden, shown above. The garden is located adjacent to Newquay Airport  – fromerly RAF St Mawgan. Recently replainted, Mr. Wallond’s “model” represents a Spitfire Mk. IXC in the markings of ZF-Z of a Polish unit.

However impressive, this model hasn’t been a one-off undertaking – Barry is also a happy builder of another Spitfire replica, this time  a Mk. I, held at nearby airport and transported to various displays around the country. It has been also used in film productions, including the recent BBC drama documentary First Light.

Barry Wallond’s Spitfire Mk. I replica as featured in a recent BBC movie
[Courtesy Lion TV]

The builder estimates that both models cost around £100,000 to complete. The Spitfire in the garden has become a local landmark and attracts around 1,000 visitors each season.

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By yorky  |  2011-10-24 at 11:55  |  permalink

found the spit when i drove past newquey airport.was looking to get some pics of eazy jet doing touch n goes.this was a bonus.

By Pat Lane  |  2012-03-11 at 12:45  |  permalink

I recently went to see this Spitfire model whils visiting my twin-Godchildren in Newquay (their father, James runs ‘Dive Newquay). I had never heard of this model and was quite convinced it was real. Fantastic effort!

By KEN  |  2012-03-12 at 18:22  |  permalink

Was built as a static for a movie..Barry, the owner has or had 2!

By stephen robson  |  2012-03-14 at 14:37  |  permalink

The web site shows our planned revival.
Is your spitfire for hire to display and if so what are teh costs.
Polish squadrons operated from Ibsley
Steve Robson

By Neil McCarthy  |  2013-01-04 at 14:15  |  permalink

Spit4hire now has a full size replica Spitfire Mk1a available for hire and events.


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