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 Since the beginning of this site I have been willing to publicise current product offerings connected with the Spitfire or its period in ...

Since the beginning of this site I have been willing to publicise current product offerings connected with the Spitfire or its period in the history of aviation. This has resulted in a respectable Product News & Reviews section that we have today.

But inevitably, a portion of the products and press material which I have been receiving has been rather  loosely related to our main subject.  This has developed into a persistent dilemma, leaving me with many awkward decisions  – whether to refrain from writing about a good product simply for a reason that it did not fall into the “Spitfire” category.  The book presented in this article may serve as a good illustration of the principle.  But this time I have made up my mind – I believe that most  Spitfire enthusiasts, including my humble self, have also a general interest in aviation.  For this reason, and given the number of interesting products that I’m being notified about, I believe that the only right thing to do is to let our readers select what’s appropriate for them – and so I will henceforth be far less restrictive in forwarding the information on  products that I’m receiving. Enter this beautiful F4U Corsair book from SAM Publications – Ed.

SAM Publications is a publisher of aviation and military magazines and books, with modellers as their main audience. Their flagship book series is entitled Modellers’ Datafile, and has been produced with the ambition of encapsulating all the reference that a modeller needs in a single volume.

The Vought F4U Corsair remains one of the most distinctive and popular aircraft of World War II, and its unique inverted gull wing design combined with the colourful characters of some of the aces who gained fame flying it in combat has added to its mystique. In addition, the Corsair was used effectively not only by the United States Navy and Marines, but also saw distinguished service in the Fleet Air Arm and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Thus the Corsair has a multi-national appeal making it one of the ever-popular aviation subjects.

In this newest Datafile, authors Rafe Morrissey and Joe Hedgus bring the story of the Corsair  to life, with copious photographic illustrations, colour side profiles and scale plans. I’m glad to say that this book seems to expand on the initial Datafile formula, providing more on the type history. It is also packed with ever-important period photos, including colour ones, covering its 144 pages. There are also 8 page fold-out scale plans.

This is an attractive book for the aviation enthusiasts and modellers alike.

The book is priced at £19.99. Available online via

Click on the images below for preview of the book’s contents.

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