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Vladimir Urbanek gives us royal treatment this morning with this new Spitfire artwork, documenting a lesser known episode from the history of No. 312 Sqn

Here is a new Spitfire artwork from Vladimir Urbanek. Entitled Pitchy Day, this pencil drawing commemorates a dramatic episode from the history of No.312 (Czechoslovak) Squadron.

On 24th January 1942, a pair of unit’s Spitfires on their way home from patrol found a solid cloud cover over Wales. The aircraft were Supermarine Spitfire MK.VB DU-X, serial number BL529 piloted by F/O A.Liska and DU-U, serial R6883, flown by Sqt. M. Liskutin.

As it soon turned out, thick cloud stretched all the way down to the ground. Unable to make visual contact with the ground or receive safe bearing to an airfield, the pilots lost orientation. As all prospects of a safe landing proved fruitless, Liskutin bailed out, his aircraft crashing to the ground. F/O Liska opted for a forced landing on the seaside. Luckily, he managed to execute a clear belly landing on the beach and escaped unhurt. However, his Spitfire was also lost to sea tide before it could be salvaged.

Vladimir’s original drawing in pencil on cardboard and limited print edition of this image are available for purchase via artist’s website at  www.multiweb.cz/czfighters/
[Vladimir Urbanek, used by permission of the artist]

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By Vit Liskutin  |  2015-06-23 at 21:06  |  permalink

I found with pleasure and gratitude this drawing of heroes of the Battle of Britain who deserve our continuous gratitude and appreciation for putting their young lives on line to fight the common enemy; My thanks go to the author and all who carry out the memories of events of the WWII and stories of Czech (and other) pilots who left their respective countries to fight to preserve the world’s peace and democracies; As the time goes on their numbers decline, but we must not forget since the history will always (unfortunately) repeats itself; My special thanks go even further, for the DU-U, serial R6883 (see, drawing) was piloted by my cousin, Mira Liskutin with whom I stay in contact; Sincerely, Vit Liskutin, Riverside, California, USA

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