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Advertising at the Spitfire Site is a great way to get a dedicated audience to see what you have to offer, and you will find our pricing a very good value.

Advertising at the Spitfire Site is a great way to get a dedicated audience to see what you have to offer.

As of this writing (June 2011), the average number of monthly visits (measured with Google Analytics) exceeds 20,000. This “circulation” makes us one of the more popular aviation blogs on the web and is well comparable with printed magazines where the typical readership is often between than 20,000 and 30,000. Compared with printed media, you will find our pricing a very good value for money. And where magazine ads can only convey your brand or product, there is the immediacy of the Internet where an interested reader can simply click onto a hyperlink and instantly be transported to your website.

Another plus is the ability to advertise specials and sales without the usual delay one gets with the print media. Simply change your banner ad to suit your needs for the event and it is immediately available to customers.

Our banner ad

Our standard ad package includes placement of a standard size 468×60 banner of your choice. The banner will show up in random position across the top of every page of the site, well visible above the “fold”. 50,000 monthly impressions of that ad can be yours for a fixed price listed below. For further information on availability and payment, please contact us at .

Monthly $75 Only $1.50 per thousand impressions (CPM)
Semi-annually $400 Save $50. Only $1.33 CPM!
Annual plan $750 Save $150. Only $1.25 CPM!

Example ad banner

Other ad options

Other ad options, such as larger ads, flash animations etc. can be discussed. Please request a quote by emailing to

Points of Note

  • Your ad banner should be provided in the standard size of 468×60 pixels. The image can be hosted at our site or pulled directly from yours, so that you can change it at your discretion. Please provide a banner/banner URL and URL to which the clicks should be directed.
  • Animations are accepted, but please keep in mind that the preferred format is .gif. Should you opt for Flash animations, please provide the <object> code exactly as it should be embedded at our site.
  • All prices are based on USD.
  • Minimum contract 2 months.
  • The term of the contract will start when the payment is received and everything is up and operating properly.
  • We accept Payment by Paypal. Details of payment will be provided upon request.

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