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Here is a few pictures of my 1/5 scale Brian Taylor Spitfire converted to a Mk. I. I used the Spitfire Site for some ...

Here is a few pictures of my 1/5 scale Brian Taylor Spitfire converted to a Mk. I.

I used the Spitfire Site for some of reference material to produce the model & felt it only fair to contribute to the scale model section.

The model itself is scratchbuilt from plans with the cowl & canopy bought in, it has a 30cc glow engine, is mainly constructed from balsa, covered in glass cloth with epoxy resin, panels & rivets are reproduced and it is painted in remixed Warbirdcolors paints.

It is modelled on a Spitfire from No. 74 Squadron, the very same Adolf “Sailor” Malan served in also known as Tiger Squadron. The Spitfire modelled is one of the first 310 built, has the early mast type aerial, the canopy has been uprated to the blown type & the armour plating in front of the cockpit added.

I have really enjoyed researching and building this model. It brings you closer to a piece of history and gives you a new respect for the hardships endured for all involved during the Battle of Britain.

I hope to enjoy this model for years to come as she has not flown yet.

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By Mark  |  2012-03-18 at 15:03  |  permalink

Fantastic work and a stunning model

By manuel  |  2012-04-27 at 06:33  |  permalink

a truly magnificent work pro .. I love the spitfire and the colors are great the effect is very realistic viellit. j would be the same, bravo a treat for the eyes ..

By Jason McNeilly  |  2012-07-01 at 08:22  |  permalink

Hiya mate,

You mentioned that this was a scratch built scale model, and I was wondering if you could share the blueprints that you worked from? I want to build a 1/5 scale model myself, but google has let me down! Appreciate it!

Jason Mcneilly

By lamberto  |  2015-12-15 at 09:09  |  permalink

Is it still possible to buy the motorhood and canopy for this 63″ BT model?

By Steve  |  2016-08-30 at 15:35  |  permalink

Hi fellas, I have one of these. I’ve had it for 20 plus years, never flown as I am simply not experienced enough. It is beautifully built, every single detail down to the rivets and ‘worn’ sections on the wings where the pilots boots may have worn away the paint are shown. It’s beautiful.

To be fair it does now show a storage mark here and there.

I want to sell it, are there any clubs or forums you can recommend?


By Gareth Price  |  2017-02-03 at 08:05  |  permalink

Hi there
Are you still selling your spitfire?
If so please contact me

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