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Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory. Pattern shop at Block “B”.


Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory. Pattern shop at Block “B”.


By Richard Scott Cartwright  |  2013-01-24 at 11:17  |  permalink


I can only say thankyou for shareing this unbelievable insite into a world my grandfather has shared with me in many stories as a child.
My Grandfather worked as a pattern maker at Castle Bromwich dureing the beginning of his career and throughout the war.

The unbelievable moment I would like to share is that when looking at the photo listed, “Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory. Pattern shop at Block “B”.
I am 99% sure my Grandfather is in the picture, at his workstation and looking directly at the camera. However the image is quite pixelated at only 72dpi.

Is there any chance at all of getting a higher resolution copy/scan of this particular image?.. the suspense is something bordering the highlight of my day.


Richard Scott Cartwright

By Richard Scott Cartwright  |  2014-02-28 at 15:06  |  permalink

To continue in the glory of these captured moments in history.

I forgot to mention that my Grandfather who is looking at the camera in the photo named, “Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory. Pattern shop at Block “B” is called Lesley Skidmore.

If anyone has any further stories or even knew my grandfather I would love to get in touch. I recently found out he was freinds with Alex Henshaw (chief test pilot) which was quite to my surprise. Anyone looking into a greater understanding of Castle Bromwhich I can recomend reading “Sigh for a merlin” by Alex Henshaw.
Neither are longer with us so any more information would be incredable to share both with myself & others who are awakening to realise that ‘the few’ were supported by many. They too now are few and hold a deminishing insight into the sacrifice given for us all today.

My grandfather once told me that the war was the best time of his life.
Looking through these pictures its hard to miss the scale and common goal all pushed for within these factory walls.. It must have been one hell of an atmosphere.


Richard Scott Cartwright.

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