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Added during 2011


I just can’t resist advertising new aviation pieces from Pavel Rampír as soon as they pop up – and fortunately, this is quite often! ...


This little gem arrived in a recent newsletter from the Australian Spitfire Association. If you thought you were a tough weather golfer…. Established in ...


Vladimir Urbanek gives us royal treatment this morning with this new Spitfire artwork, documenting a lesser known episode from the history of No. 312 Sqn


David Whyman is one of UK’s leading glass engraving artists. His speciality is country and wildlife scenes, but he has also a vast array ...


Our reader Paul Ryan has recently bought this original oil painting from a shop in Salisbury. The painting, approx 30×39″ in size, depicts a ...


The 25-metre long Battle of Britain London Monument hides many well-researched Battle of Britain stories.


Vladimir Urbanek sent us his new Spitfire artwork, illustrating Czech connections in the history of the Israeli Air Force.  The artwork shows the famous ...


Have a look at the newest artwork of Pavel Rampír, an aviation illustrator who is a frequent guest at these pages.

Added during 2010


This image originates from Tim Prosser, who refers to it as one of his “older paintings”. The Hawker Hurricane Mk. II BE421, which is ...


Every time when a new Spitfire artwork by Pavel Rampír arrives in my mailbox, I'm expecting something special.