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Beginning with solid wooden models of the 1940s and the Airfix second-ever plastic kit from 1953, the Spitfire has always been at the very top of aviation modellers’ list of interests, a position which it maintained ever since. Today, modelling is a more advanced discipline than ever before. New and improved Spitfire kits, decals and accessories appear virtually every month.

Contributions are wanted. This section is formed entirely by readers’ contributions. If you have built a Spitfire model that you’re proud of, please share! All contributions should be sent to . Thank you!

Added during 2011


This is the 1/48th scale Airfix Spitfire Mk. I/IIa.  I used the Aeromaster sheet no. 48-078  entitled Battle of Britain Spitfires. I picked the ...

Added during 2010


Here are three photos of my latest Spitfire, a Mk. Vb Trop built from Tamiya’s 1/48 scale kit. I painted it using Xtracolour enamel ...


Here is a model of Pacific Coast 1:32 scale Spitfire Mk IX, representing a machine flown by a prominent French ace Pierre Clostermann. After ...


I have had this site saved in my favourites for some time as a point of interest and information. I have recently completed a ...


Tamiya are to be congratulated for producing the Spitfire kit in any scale; don't bother with anything less!


Aviation nut Barry Wallond from Cornwall has so far built two 1/1 scale Spitfire replicas - alone.


Greetings from Poland. Here is my Spitfire Mk. IIa, RF-W serial P8038, from No. 303 (Polish) Squadron. This aircraft was flown by pilots Kolaczkowski ...


Greetings to all from Emmental, Switzerland. Here is a model with I contribute as a homage to the pilots of the Battle of Britain ...


Hello again from Greece! This is my second Spitfire Mk. Vc in Hellenic markings. Once again, I used the Tamiya Mk. Vb kit 1/48 ...


Greeting to all from Greece. This is my detailed 1/48 model of a Spitfire Mk. VC displayed in Greek Air Force colours. I used ...