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By Tim, on Friday, 7 October at 11:45

Hi, I believe that it's the horizontal lines that move further apart with increasing wingspan and decreasing range settings. The ring on the Mk 1 stays the same size.

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By Pierre Lagacé, on Thursday, 6 October at 11:09

About Jerry Smith... This is from an email I got from his sister. She wants me to ask you to add this to your page. Thanks. Another, Canadian P/O Jerrold Alpine Smith, found after take-off that his long range fuel tank was u/s (failed to draw). Now incapable of reaching friendly territory, he jettisoned the tank and circled until the deck was clear before landing back on the WASP. His landing was the first ever for a Spitfire and was called “A Feat Unparalled” by Sir Hugh Lloyd, former Air Commander-in-Chief at Malta. P/O Smith was unofficially awarded the American Navy Wings aboard the WASP.

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By A W Thorne, on Thursday, 6 October at 5:21

I was witness to the dogfight over chilworth, on the 16th August 1940. I was a boy of 7, living at Eastleigh, on summer holidays. From my bedroom window, i could see circles forming, in the clear blue sky. Then, out of the melee, came intermittent puffs of black smoke, getting lower and lower. Then i saw it, a plane passing by the tall pines on high ground, in front of the copse, about half a mile away, guessing where it would land, i quickly ran across Fleming Park, to the stile in the far corner. At Leigh Road, i could see that the cattle fence was down on the other side. Crossing the road, i found the plane. It had done a belly landing, in the field, a the bottom of Oakmount Road. Walking around it, i noticed a piece haing down from the wing, so giving it a waggle, it came away in my hand. It was what i know now, to have been, the 'starboard aileron balance weight strut', that had snagged the cattle fence. the plane, was a Me 109,

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By gina, on Tuesday, 4 October at 22:58

Does the spitfire have an ammunition counter ? I think I have one recovered some 55 years ago.

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By Stuart Jarman, on Friday, 30 September at 5:06

The photo is of A/C2 Geoffrey Faulkner, one of the two RAF Medical orderlies who pulled Fiske from his burning aircraft

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By kelly, on Sunday, 25 September at 19:15

My mum was given a penny spitfire many years ago, it was stolen and I would like to buy her one if anybody knows where I could purchase one from.

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By Robyn Jones, on Friday, 16 September at 8:32

Pat, We are trying to reach you. Kevin is Rosalinds son. Urgently need to get in touch. Please email. Regards Robyn

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By Dawn Norton, on Tuesday, 13 September at 0:33

Absolutely "AMAZING"

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By Dawn Norton, on Tuesday, 13 September at 0:30

Fantastic photos and the ladies so smart!!!

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By Dawn Norton, on Tuesday, 13 September at 0:29

The Tool room and ALL men in a shirt and tie, how wonderful to see smartness even in the Factory!!! These photos have been marvellous to view!

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By Dawn Norton, on Tuesday, 13 September at 0:26

What wonderful memories of back in the day! Thank god for good old British Spirit which got us through the war and of course TEA!!! Ladies may have been on spot welding... but just look at how smart they turned up for work!

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By Dawn Norton, on Tuesday, 13 September at 0:21

What a wonderful story, I love anything to do with the 2nd World War. I lived a stones throw away from the "what we called" The Aerodrome and even though only a child at the time can remember my Uncle taking me there one day. Thank you for sharing your story, really enjoyed reading it! I wonder if they did find anything when they redeveloped that area into what is now The Castle Vale Housing Estate!!!

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