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By Kelvin T. Youngs, on Friday, 9 January at 22:13

I have checked the high resolution photo again and the serial number is for sure DN-T IJ832?

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By Kelvin T. Youngs, on Friday, 9 January at 21:32

Peter, sorry, must have missed this - contact me via the website ref this photo. Yes, I have it at high resolution. Kelvin at Aircrew Remembered

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By Edgar Brooks, on Sunday, 19 October at 18:24

The harness was much more complicated than that. The first "ordinary" Sutton harnesses were the "M" & "K", which had thigh straps which attached to the seat frame; there is a life-size drawing of the "M" in the National Archives at Kew. It's likely that the difference between the "M" & "K" concerned the straps, since Dowding had to ask for longer straps when seat armour was introduced, so the "K" seems to have followed the "M." . The "QK" was a derivative of the "K," but had the thigh straps moved back to the corners of the seat, so that they came over the pilot's hips; this also needed a strengthened seat, so it's impossible to say which airframes had them, but it seems to have been 1944 before it came into service. Next was the "QL," which was not a Sutton, but had a parachute-style of quick-release box; it was used on the XVI, in 1945, and the shoulder straps were attached directly to a bracket on the pilot's head armour. It was also intended for the F.R.XIV which was to have a fuselage fuel tank behind the pilot. The "QS" was next, which was also a "parachute-box" type, but was used on standard fuselages (without extra fuel,) so that the old-style Sutton-type releas

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By Chris Carter, on Saturday, 9 August at 8:50

Hello, Paul, thanks for your e-mail. Apologies for such a slow reply, but I had stopped looking at 234 Sqn stuff and have been searching for more on 549 Sqn. I have copies, from the public domain, of photos taken at Darwin. Specifically, the Squadron photo with Eric Bocock front and centre. I also have photos of my father, a pilot called Wally Gadsden, and other squadron aircrew. Unfortunately, none of the photos, apart from the first above, show Eric Bocock. I would be glad to have copies of any pictures you have, whether they show my father or not. If you are interested I might be able to help identify some of the people in the photos. Regards, Chris Carter PS. Resulting from my research, I was saddened to discover that, having survived the war, Eric Was killed in a flying accident in 1946.

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By Peter van Kaathoven, on Wednesday, 30 July at 19:44

Hello Kevin Do you mean that you have a high resolution photograph as publisched on top of this item? Because off mine research I am very interrested in a digitail copy of this picture? I know also the factory name off the Crane and where it whas taken ("loaned") thru te Germas. Greetings Peter

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By Owain Williams, on Tuesday, 22 July at 16:53

Hi I live in the Cynon Valley, South Wales and found out that we had bought 2 spitfires during the war W3434 Aberdare & Mountain Ash and W3457 Cynon Valley. I know that W3434 didn't have a very long service life as it was shot down over France in 1941, but I know W3457 had a very interesting and varied service life. I am trying to make sense of one thing to do with this aircraft, which is why is it in some photos of the starboard side show it named Cynon Valley, but on the port side its named Badger Bus Co. Still Running. Is it just they paid half each on this airframe or is it a bit more sinister?????

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By WIlliam, on Tuesday, 22 July at 2:36

what color of Sky did u use? from what brand name?

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By glen d miles, on Sunday, 20 July at 10:57

Ps I have read that some builders are concerned about the spinner colour on PM 660. Although my photo is black/white the spinner looks black.

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By glen d miles, on Sunday, 20 July at 10:43

Ref. spitfire PM 660. I was a leading aircraftsman and served on the Berlin airlift until it ceased operating in1949. I was then transfered to RAF Wunsdorf and serviced the spitfires based there . I have a photo, black/white, of Spitfire PM 660 that I serviced (amongst many others). I would see the aircraft out (explosive start up!) and check all ok upon return. Very Busy! Regards Glen

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By ANTONIO BARRO, on Friday, 18 July at 16:46

I would like to contact Mr. Horst Jeckel of Germany, in order to ask him permission to publish the third photo in an article I'm writting about WWII in a magazine. Could you please send me his e-mail address; I'll be grateful.

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By Jim Ballantyne, on Thursday, 17 July at 1:17

hi i found this site just by putting 485 sqn in a search engine. \my interest in 485 stems from my father who served in it a Biggin Hill. he was ground crew. im not sure how long he was with 485,but I don't recall him mentioning any other sqn. one of the things he told me about, which I later read about in a book by a free French pilot was one clash when 485 had been equipped with a new mk of spitefire that was powered by a giffern engine and armed wiith cannons and 303 brownings, on a sweep over freanch fw 190 tired to bounce them, but were seen and to the germans surprise they were meedt with a claiming counter attack lossimg 9 of their number. I think he the said churchcill sst a telegram saying 9 for 0 good score. I would be intrested if anyone remember him as we lolst dad to the big C in 1997. he was a leading aircafts man his full name james Charles Ballantyne he was a sparks before the war started. if anyone oes remember him it would be nice to maybe fill in some blanks. thank you.

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By Tony Mitchell, on Saturday, 5 July at 13:15

Hi Lyn, I've just come across your link and I would be happy to discuss sponsorship if the offer is still open in exchange for a Spitfire ride. As you can see from my name I share the same surname as the planes designer, R J Mitchell, and I am still working to find out what the family connection must be. Ever since growing up in the 50's/60's this would be a boyhood dream come true if it could happen! Hope to hear back from you.

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