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By Don McNaughton, on Tuesday, 21 March at 4:09

I have dug a little deeper into this now and the reason the Trimble crew were at Castle Bromwich was to pick up HK535 after repair. The Trimble crew were shot up over Frankfurt in HK535 on the night of 14/15 Jan 1944 and returned with 3 engines and an injured RG. One Oleo leg collapsed on landing at a US base (which they used because they had lost so much fuel) so they badly damaged the plane but all walked away. The MUG was credited with shooting down a FW190 that night. I now have the original photograph of the crew under the Spitfire and it is signed on the back by the managing directer VA Ltd - J.V. Morton as presented to the gunner who 1st to shoot down a fighter from a Castle Bromwich Lancaster. Unfortunately it is not dated but must be some time after 15 Jan 44.

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By W. BRUCE CLARK, on Wednesday, 15 March at 15:58

Joop, Great article and i appreciate your attention to detail concerning this special air battle from a Canadian perspective. I had the fortune to get to know one of Dick Audet's closest boyhood friends through the West Ottawa Rotary Club. Bill Coombs grew up in Southern Alberta and fondly remembered meeting "Dickie" through Boy Scouts in Lethbridge. Though Audet was a year younger, apparently they became fast friends and spent many hours riding together and exploring the South Alberta plains. Bill joined the Army in 1943, serving with 5th Canadian Division Signals in Sicily, Italy and finally Holland. They kept in touch while in service and Bill remembered hearing of "Dickies" great dogfight on the wireless. When i heard these stories I gave Bill my copy of "Spitfire: The Canadians" which has a great account of the dogfight and a colour plate dedicated to Dick Audet. When I queried Bill whether he had any personal photos or letters still he replied that he and his wife lost all their personal belongings in a fire in Ottawa in the 1980's. Bill passed away in Ottawa in 2010. Bruce

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By Joe Laub, on Friday, 10 February at 20:51

Excuse the "D.F.ruins....suppose to say D.F. RUNS"

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By Joe Laub, on Friday, 10 February at 20:48

Hi Jon, You had asked me a while ago about info regarding my father (John Laub us navy) during his time at Lee on Solent. On May 11,1944 he flew as a crewman aboard a Beracuda serial # 3043, with a Sgt. Livingston as pilot. His remarks in his flight log only states "Dive bombing". Then on May 19,1944 he flew with Flight Officer Turrel in an "Oxford" serial # HM 617 .His remark in his flight log states "D.F. Riuns". The OS2U Kingfisher he flew in on June 15th was serial # 5940. If you have any info regarding these sorties,I'd be most interested in hearing about it from you. My email is Thanks! -Joe

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By ari, on Sunday, 5 February at 10:49

Hello Alex. If you read the link below, you will recognize the fact that all British radar developments were based on German research, entirely ... The first modern Cathode Ray Tubes, CRTs, were invented and built by Manfred von Ardenne who was a close friend of Hollmann and who also had a research lab located in Lichterfelden, Berlin, across from Hollmann's lab. Click here to see his work on the CRT. In 1929, Watson Watt visited the Lichterfelde labs of Hollmann and von Ardenne and purchased several hundred CRTs over the years.

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By Joe Laub, on Saturday, 21 January at 22:18

Hi Barbara , How can I get in touch with you regarding the pictures of my father John Laub who flew in your fathers squadron at Lee on .Solent, England in 1944? Looking forward to hearing from you! Joe

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By Joe Laub, on Tuesday, 3 January at 7:27

Hello Barbara, So for the late reply but I just came across your response to my email regarding my father John Laub who was stationed at Lee on Solent along with your father. I would very much like to see the photos you mentioned of my father during his time there during the war. Please email me at: Thanks so much! Joe Laub

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By Willem, on Sunday, 11 December at 15:35

Any more pictures of the diorama?

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By Kerry Brown, on Thursday, 1 December at 13:45

Dear Heather please accpet my aologies for contacting you in this way but I am actually trying to find your brother Laurence and also to check whetherwe have the correct details for Kenneth. I am the OLd Lawrentian Secretary at their old school St Lawrence College. We have had Laurence's copy of the yearly magazine returned to us from Boston and have no further address to contact him. We have Kenneth listed at an address (Cedar Gdns) though just checking I'm not sure if that is still current. WEould you be able to possibly help us reestablish contact as we wold love to ensure they received the magazine and kept in touch? Thank you for your time. Kerry Brown St Lawrence College

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By Sarah Flynn, on Tuesday, 29 November at 10:41

Dear Mr Chamberlain Reading your post, might you have a photo of the cartoon of Hitler from Johnnie Johnson's Spitfire ? Best wishes Sarah Flynn

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By Shadow7946, on Friday, 25 November at 23:35

What's the bullet spread every 100 mts. on the Hispano-Suiza HS.404?

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By Damon Anderson, on Monday, 14 November at 17:50

To whom it may concern, does anyone know if/where info might exist as to who actually flew those first spitfires for 19 squadron? My Great Uncle Arthur Gordon (36075) was a flt lt with the squadron at the time, and I have an original (I think) print of one of the photos of the 6 planes in flight, and I've always wondered if he was actually flying one! Cheers! Damon Anderson

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