ML407 Grace Spitfire



The Grace Spitfire is a rather well-known double-seater Mk. IX serial no. ML407 owned by the Grace family and currently based in Hangar Two at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.

ML407 was originally built at Castle Bromwich in early 1944 as a single seat fighter and served in the frontline units during the last months of WWII with six different Squadrons of the RAF's 2nd TAF. After the war, it was converted in 1950 to the 2-seat trainer configuration by Supermarine at Southampton for the Irish Air Corps where she flew until 1960. Acquired by engineer Nick Grace in 1979, it was restored to flying condition and remained in posession of the Grace family ever since. It is frequently flown on displays by Carolyn Grace, the only current female Spitfire pilot in the world.


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[Images in this collection courtesy of BillKatyGemma, via Flickr and Creative Commons license]

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