Seafire Mk.XVII SX336

Photos by Mark Mills


The following photo gallery shows a newly restored Supermarine Seafire Mk. XVII, SX336 (G-KASX). One of only two flying Griffon-powered Seafires in the world, this aircraft made its post-restoration airshow debut on 4 June 2006 in Old Warden.

With short Griffon nose, four-blade propeller, cut-down rear fuselage, streamlined bubble canopy and normal-size fin, the Mk. XVII looked unlike any other Spitfire/Seafire mark and was also arguably the best looking of all the Seafires. 233 of this variant were produced. This particular Seafire was built in April 1946 at Westland Aircraft in Yeovil.

The restoration project of SX336 had a long gestation period. The derelict fuselage was discovered in the scrap yard in Warrington, Lancashire in 1973. As a potential but rather difficult restoration object it changed owners many times. Only when acquired by Tim J. Manna, in November 2001 did the long-term restoration gain momentum. The aircraft made its first post-restoration flight on 3 May 2006 in North Weald, almost exactly 60 years after its maiden flight.

The photos have been taken during the 2006 airshow season.


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[All photos by Mark Mills]

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