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27 September 1940 Seasalter is a small village located on the north coast of Kent, facing the Isle of Sheppey and the estuary of ...


This evocative Battle of Britain combat scene has been created by Czech aviation artist Vladimir Urbanek. Entitled “First and Fastest Victory”, the painting captures ...


Another Battle of Britain moment is captured in this drawing by Pavel Rampír. This time the subject is a brief but definitive encounter between ...


Our visitor Phil from New Zealand sent us the photo this aircraft relic. The item is a small access hatch of a Messerschmitt Bf 109. ...


17 September 1940 On 17 September, following the decisive air battle over London and the South of England two days previously, Hitler summoned a ...


15 September 1940. The weather was fine over south-eastern England on 15 September – commemorated annually ever since as the Battle of Britain Day.


Describing the events of 15 September 1940, this letter by Sergeant Pilot G. D. Bushell of No. 213 Squadron, RAF provides a first-hand account of the grand air battle of that day.


7 September 1940. The London Blitz began in the afternoon of 7 September with the first mass daylight air raid on the docks area.


6 September 1940 By the beginning of September, London had entered its second year in the war. Three million men were called to arms, ...


5 September 1940 Leutnant Franz von Werra was one of several Luftwaffe personalities who rose from obscurity to fame in a space of merely ...