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Click to enlarge image American P-47 and British Spitfire (in the rear) share a pair of German railway cars near Herne, Germany, 1945. The ...

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Click to enlarge image Here is a photo from the family album of the Gates family, kindly provided by Mr. Ashley Gates. The caption ...


Click on the image to enlarge The new airbrushed piece by Herman Veltorp of the Netherlands is a tribute to the late Peter Brothers ...


Click to enlarge image This photograph shows a victory salute by Spitfires of No. 84 Group, 2nd Tactical Air Force over an airfield somewhere ...


Spitfires sharing an airfield with Douglas A-20 Havocs get a taste of "sunny" Italy, winter 1944-45.

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Click on the image to enlarge Portrait of a leading Australian Spitfire ace, W/Cdr Clive “Killer” Caldwell, DFC & Bar, DSO, drawn by Pavel ...


Czech pilot Sqn/Ldr Jirí Manák, during the official return ceremony of No. 312 Squadron in ?eské Bud?jovice, 1945.



Click to enlarge images These two photos show one of the more unique Spitfires Mk. IXE which served with the 2nd Tactical Air Force ...


Click on the image to enlarge Another example of Pavel Rampír’s drawing skills. Depicted here is Spitfire Mk. VIII, AN-U JF880 of No. 417 ...


Another artwork by Pavel Rampír, Czech aviation artist and an illustrator of the Revi aviation journal. This work depicts the last production Spitfire PR Mk. XIX