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Added during 2009


Click to enlarge image Seafires Mk. IB onboard HMS Furious sailing as part of Force H off Algiers in support of Operation Torch, 8 ...


Click to enlarge image Here is a photo from the family album of the Gates family, kindly provided by Mr. Ashley Gates. The caption ...


Click to enlarge image Photographed in their element are Spitfires Mk. Vc trop of  the 1st Fighter Wing RAAF, photographed from a Beaufort bomber on ...


Spitfires sharing an airfield with Douglas A-20 Havocs get a taste of "sunny" Italy, winter 1944-45.


In one of the previous posts we have shown the presentation Spitfire Mk. V AA693 Borough of Southgate as it looked like directly from ...

Added during 2008


Click to enlarge image Mechanics of an American Fighter Group dismantle a Rolls-Royce Merlin 45 engine from a Spitfire Mk. V, an operation which ...