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Robert Taylor is not only one of the most popular aviation artists in the World, but also one of those who continue to set ...


24 July 1940 Margate was a seaside town which for over a century had attracted crowds of Londoners by its wide beaches and amusement facilities. In the morning of ...


5 July 1940. About the rise of heavily-armed fighters and the difficult development of a cannon-armed Spitfire.


24 June, 1940 Compared with the old Supermarine assembly plant in Eastleigh, the white office building of de Havilland Aircraft Company in Hatfield was ...


19 June 1940 19 June was the day when, for the first time since the beginning of German offensive in the West, Luftwaffe bombers ...


20-25 May, 1940. Faced with the choice of evacuation or total destruction of the BEF, the evacuation from Dunkirk begins. Spitfires join the air battle.


This video documents a formation display by a Spitfire and Hawk during RAF Valley Family Day in 2008.


An artistic tribute to Bob Doe, Battle of Britain ace who passed away recently.


Glued with pride, now on public display at the Cosford Air Museum, Shropshire


Here is the newest of the many 1/72 Spitfire models (over 100) which I have completed over the years, trying to cover all marks ...