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Added during 2010


Images from the Shuttleworth Collection's 2007 air display season, documented by Rover75.


This is a 1/32nd scale Spitfire PR Mk. XI. The model was built from Hasegawa Mk. V kit using Warbirds Spitfire Mk. IX conversion ...


Starting in the early 1990’s, Ventura of New Zealand turned out a variety of mid-to-late mark 1/72 Spitfires. In fact, I think they have ...


The Spitfire Mk IX was very much a stop-gap solution to an unforeseen new development in the capabilities of enemy fighters, namely the appearance ...

Added during 2008


Another beautiful clip from FlyingMachines.tv, this one shows a Spitfire doing a really low fly past over the airfield, followed by a steep cimb ...

Added during 2007


Click to enlarge image PL794 was one of the three Spitfires PR Mk. XI in service with the Royal Danish Air Force. All three ...


A unique Spitfire PR MK. XI PL965 is shown in this profesionally produced video by FlyingMachines.tv . Filmed at Old Warden and Duxford in ...