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The use of Browning heavy machine gun as armament for the Spitfire - analysed.


The Spitfire Mk IX was very much a stop-gap solution to an unforeseen new development in the capabilities of enemy fighters, namely the appearance ...

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Built in 1945, TE462 is a good example of a late-production series Spitfire Mk. XVI. This video offers a detailed walkaround of this aircraft ...

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Click to enlarge image In April, 1945 the Dutch resistance called upon the RAF to protect the Zuider Zee causeway from feared destruction by ...


Andy Ingham, historian of No. 127 Squadron, sent us this image to accompany the similar previous photograph that he kindly helped identifying. Andy received the photograph from one of the squadron pilots.


Click on the image to enlarge A pair of Spitfires of No. 443 Squadron, 127 Wing RCAF, beat up the airfield over the squadron’s ...


Click to enlarge image One of the most famous Canadian Spitfire pilots, Wing Commander James “Stocky” Edwards DFC and bar DSO. “Stocky” commanded 127 ...


Click to enlarge images The Mark II Gyro Sight demonstration on the Spitfire. The Mark II Gyro Gunsight was the first gyroscopic gunsight to ...


Spitfire LF Mk.XVIe flying at Viareds flyday, Borås, Sweden on 9th September 2007.


Close-up and details of the Spitfire LF Mk. XVI LF at the Museum of Flight East Fortune, Scotland, UK