“..Lovely to Look At, Delightful to Fly…”

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Have a look at the newest artwork of Pavel Rampír, an aviation illustrator who is a frequent guest at these pages.

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Here is the newest artwork by Pavel Rampír, aviation illustrator from Czech Republic. Entitled “..Lovely to look at, delightful to fly…”. Couldn’t agree more.

Pencil on cardboard.  Pavel is a professional artist and illustrator of the prominent Czech aviation journal Revi. His website is available at:http://www.aircraft.flying.to/
[Pavel Rampír]

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By James  |  2011-06-23 at 02:15  |  permalink

Isn’t she just! Great art, I think the Spitfire is so very hard to draw due to all those curves. The only other place you can see curves like that, is the Parelli Calender!

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