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Merv Matthews from New Zealand presents a pair of RC Spitfire models, one of them built after Al Deere's machine being restored in his country

I attach a few photos of the two flying Spitfire models I have built.

The first one, posing by the full size Spitfire recently restored in Feilding, New Zealand, is a replica of Alan (AL) Deere’s Spitfire which featured his personal letters AL. Serial of the original aircraft was EN568. Also scratch built from the same plan enlarged to a wingspan of 72″. It weighs 10lbs. It also has scale retracting undercarriage. I gave a flying demonstration during the lunch break at this year’s Wings Over Wairarapa Airshow.

Please note that the restored Spitfire displays its original serial PV270 whereas my model has the “correct” serial EN568.

The second model is a replica of Johnnie Houlton’s third Spitfire OU-V serial MK280 (485 Squadron). I scratch built it from a Brian Taylor plan. Wingspan is 64″ and weighs 8½lbs . It has scale retracting undercarriage.

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By ferret_64  |  2011-03-01 at 06:05  |  permalink

Definitely a neat rendition of the Spitfire which is said to be difficult to get right. My compliments! I like what I see.

I have been looking at the pictures for some time. May I suggest some points to make it even better?
– Landing gear somehow looks too short and too much raked forward.
– Antenna mast is missing.
– Get some planel lines as with the entry door, main fuselage tank and cowling to get it more “alive”
– Exhaust stubs in a different colour from the camouflage paint.
– Decals are too bright and too glossy.
– For photo shoots, a scale airscrew´can do wonders.

This is not to depreciate your Spitfire, just some suggestions to make it come out even better.

Regards, Martin

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