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The following series of period photographs, sourced from the records of the Ministry of Aircraft Production, show the various details of Spitfire Mk. II.

The following series of period photographs, sourced from the Ministry of Aircraft Production records, show the various details of a Spitfire Mk. II, the first variant of this aircraft to be mass-produced in the Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory.

The instrument panel and flying controls of a Supermarine Spitfire Mk II. This photo is dated August 1940 meaning that this was one of the first production Spitfires which left the CBAF.

Here is the factory-fresh engine installation of the Spitfire Mk. IIA, serial no. P7508. The engine is the 1,150 hp Rolls Royce Merlin IX, starboard side.

The last two photographs show the port and starboard sides of the cockpit in P7508.

[All photos Crown Copyright via © IWM (CH 1205, ATP 10397G, ATP 10397E, ATP 10397F)]


By JAroslav Brümmer  |  2012-04-26 at 19:08  |  permalink

I think, that the first photo isn’t Mk. II, but Mk I. early, because there is older seat and landing gear control lever.

By Paul Dryer  |  2013-08-05 at 01:32  |  permalink

Would you be able to tell me the base (including base plate) outer diameter of early mark Spitfires (Mk1-Mk5) spinner?

By Reg  |  2015-07-28 at 09:18  |  permalink

Does anybody have any pictures of the cockpit of the M22, both port and starboard??

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