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Supermarine Spitfires of No. 111 Squadron RAF undergoing maintenance at Comiso, Sicily in the summer of 1943. ‘JU-R’ in the foreground is a Mark ...

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Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Vb serial no. AA936. Probably an official photograph. Produced in October 1941, AA936 was one of the early series Mk. Vs ...

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Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory, of CBAF in short, was the largest aircraft production plant in the wartime Britain, and had become the main manufacturing ...


Desperately in need of modern fighters, France took a keen interest in the Spitfire as early as 1939. A single Spitfire Mk I was ...

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No. 485 Squadron RNZAF, a Spitfire unit, was the first RNZAF squadron formed under the Empire Air Training Scheme and served in Europe under the operational command of the RAF.

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It is universally acknowledged that over the years the Spitfire had become RAF’s maid of all work, but some of its uses still come ...


American pilot Joe Thompson is posing in front of British Spitfire Mk. V at the USAAF base at Greenham Common.


Product summary Title Spitfire Guardians Directed by Simon Van Der Spoel Published by Ethereal Productions Format DVD Availability and pricing Available online through www.etherealproductions.com.au ...


“I found the engineer officer and together we had a look at her, gleaming and bright in a new spring coat of camouflage paint. ...


On August 20th 1943, Canadians flying Spitfires arrived at Headcorn from Lashenden as their runway needed repairing. The two Canadian Squadrons were 403 and ...