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A Spitfire Mk. IX RK853 photographed touching down at Schijndel (B.85), Holland. This was a personal aircraft of Wing Commander R W F “Sammy” ...


A row of Supermarine Spitfire Mark XIVs (RM693 ‘AP-S’ nearest) of No. 130 Squadron RAF, on the ground at B.82/Grave, Holland. Operating as part ...


Piotr Dubowik from Poland sent us this painting depicting Spitfire LF.IX MJ281 ZF-P over St Denijs Westrem – Belgium in December 1944. Piotr is ...

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Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory, of CBAF in short, was the largest aircraft production plant in the wartime Britain, and had become the main manufacturing ...


In the lighter moments of World War II, the Spitfire was used in an unorthodox role: bringing beer kegs to the men in Normandy.

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Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) – B.88 near the town of Heesch, in Noord-Brabant, the southern part of Holland, was the 88th airfield on the ...


Here is one of those wartime photographs which at first glance raise more questions than answers. What we have here is a very anonymous photo-reconnaissance Spitfire, unidentified machine of an unidentified unit...


An entire complement of Spitfires Mk. IXC of No. 485 (New Zealand) Squadron lined up at the USAAF Station 112 Bovingdon in Hertfordshire on 30 March 1944


No. 451 Squadron was one of the fighter units of the RAAF which spent most of its wartime career in the Mediterranean...

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An evocative photo of a brand-new Spitfire LF Mk. VIII flying above the clouds. This example, serial number MD351...