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Approximately 100 miles West of Brisbane, RAAF station in Oakey, Queensland opened on 14 October 1943 as the home of No. 6 Aircraft Depot. ...

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Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory, of CBAF in short, was the largest aircraft production plant in the wartime Britain, and had become the main manufacturing ...

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Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) – B.88 near the town of Heesch, in Noord-Brabant, the southern part of Holland, was the 88th airfield on the ...

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Australian "Grey Nurse" Spitfire in pencil artwork by Pavel Rampír.


The PR Mk XIX was the last of the specialised photo reconnaissance variants of the Spitfire, the only one with a Griffon engine and ...


Like many air forces of the countries occupied by the Axis, the embryo of post-war Royal Hellenic Air Force was created under the auspices ...


Having spent most of its wartime career in the Middle East, No. 127 Squadron was moved to the UK in 1944 in preparation for ...


“There was an entirely different atmosphere flying the the Far East compared to the European show. The risk from enemy action was considerably less ...


This article attempts to chart all active Royal Air Force airfields on the continent, from D-Day (June 6th, 1944) to the end of hostilities ...


Another evocative pencil drawing by Pavel Rampír, Czech aviation artist and an illustrator of the Revi aviation journal.