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Added during 2009


Built in 1945, TE462 is a good example of a late-production series Spitfire Mk. XVI. This video offers a detailed walkaround of this aircraft ...

Added during 2008


This CGI video of the Spitfire Mk. I cockpit is in fact a presentation of a digital cockpit from the forthcoming (but hampered by ...

Added during 2007


Click to enlarge images The Mark II Gyro Sight demonstration on the Spitfire. The Mark II Gyro Gunsight was the first gyroscopic gunsight to ...


Jerry Billing demonstrates his Spitfire MK923. Jerry Billing was a Spitfire pilot during WW2, and for many years flew MK923 at airshows across the ...


Close-up and details of the Spitfire LF Mk. XVI LF at the Museum of Flight East Fortune, Scotland, UK


Walkaround of a preserved airworthy Spitfire Mk. XVI SL721, inspected and commented by Rob Erdos of Vintage Wings of Canada. The video, produced by ...


This video shows details of the Supermarine Spitfire MkVc Trop on display at the Yugoslav Air Force Museum In Belgrade.


This video is a walkaround of the oldest surviving example of Spitfire Mk. I on display at the Cosford Aerospace museum.