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Added during 2011


Here is one of those wartime photographs which at first glance raise more questions than answers. What we have here is a very anonymous photo-reconnaissance Spitfire, unidentified machine of an unidentified unit...

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Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk. XI No. 1 Fotorekognoseringsving (photo-reconnaissance wing) Norway, 1950 In September 1946, UK Government agreed to supply Spitfires to the reborn ...

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Click to enlarge image Supermarine Spitfire PR Mark XI, PL775 ‘A’, of No. 541 Squadron RAF based at Benson, Oxfordshire, flies over the photographer’s ...

Added during 2007


Click to enlarge images A 1947 Shell advertisement published in the magazine Aeronave, proudly showing Argentina’s sole Spitfire PR Mk. XI shortly after its ...